Hello lovely London Nerds. Are you feeling literary?  We are!

Nerd Nite London is a monthly event where three speakers give 18-21 minute fun-yet-informative talks across all disciplines, while the audience drinks along. On June 3rd we’re returning to Stoke Newington Literary Festival where we’ll be learning about bugs, fast fashion, and the history of spectacles.

Be there and be square. 

Address:  Upstairs at The Mildmay Club, 33-34 Newington Green, London, N16 9PR

Details: Saturday June 8th, 7.30pm. 

Tickets: £7 from https://stokenewingtonlitfest.eventcube.io/events/60653/nerd-night/

ADHD: It’s not a Bloody Trend

Once associated more with hyper boys than adults, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is now recognised as a condition in need of a rebrand which affects people of all genders and ages in a multitude of ways.

Kat Brown provides a layman guide to the condition, smashing the stereotypes with scientific evidence and historical context.

Bio: Kat Brown is a journalist and an author. Her first book, It’s Not a Bloody Trend: Understanding Life as an ADHD Adult, was published in February 2024, and her second book, No One Talks About This Stuff, was published in March 2024 and is actually the one she wrote first – very ADHD! Kat writes features for The Times and Stylist, reviews for The Telegraph, opinion pieces for The Independent and The Guardian, host events for the London Book Fair, British Library and Waterstones. Website: www.katbrownwrites.com

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From PowerPoint

In the beginning was the Word. Now there’s PowerPoint.It’s used for weddings, warfare and webinars, for literature, lessons and law. And, of course, to tell everyone that Q4 is going to be a lot more challenging than Q3.

PowerPoint is probably the most successful piece of software in history. It’s hated and loved in equal measure for reasons that tell us a lot about power and who gets to say what where. All of life is somewhere in a PowerPoint slide. Russell Davies will explain why.

Bio: Russell Davies is a writer and strategist. He thinks about what happens when organisations and services meet the internet and he builds things to find out more. He’s worked on communications and digital strategies for organisations like Honda, Nike, Microsoft, Apple, the Government Digital Service and the Co-op. He’s currently in marketing at Octopus. Website: www.russelldavies.com

Beach Hut People

Have you ever wondered about the people who choose to spend summer days in their beach huts?  Maybe you’ve taken pictures of the huts and chuckled at their cheeky names?  Perhaps you’ve peeked inside their open doors? Possibly you paused and said hello to the people sat chatting and drinking tea outside?

Nancy Stevenson will take us on a journey to discover more about the people who inhabit these ‘sheds by the sea’, exploring traditions, changes, challenges and personal expression and style.

Bio: Nancy Stevenson is a writer and researcher.  Her research centres on people’s engagement in leisure activities and is embedded in local landscapes. She has written about festivals, walking, writing and wellbeing and the importance of pleasure and play in community life. Instagram: write_nancy_write

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