Nerd Nite London is a monthly event where three speakers give 18-21 minute fun-yet-informative talks across all disciplines, while the audience drinks along.

Address: the Backyard Comedy Club, 231 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 0EL

Details: Wednesday February 20th

Tickets: Early nerd tickets £6, general admission £7.50. Tickets available here

Doors open 6.30pm, event starts 7.30pm

This is your brain (scientist) on drugs

Neuroscientists go to great lengths to understand their beloved object of study, the brain. This usually means marathon experiments in the lab working on animals or petri dishes, but sometimes it can also involve a little “self-experimentation”. Grace will talk about historical examples of scientists who used their own experiences with hallucinogens to further their understanding of the brain, and the extent to which this practice has led to scientifically sound results.

Grace Lindsay (@neurograce) got her PhD in computational neuroscience from Columbia University and will soon be starting a postdoctoral fellowship at University College London. She is also currently writing a book about all the fascinating ways that mathematics has helped us understand the brain. Yes, that’s right—mathematics, not drugs.

The Funny Side of the Flesh Eating Disease

When thinking of fun diseases, the bacteria that cause flesh-eating disease may not top your list. However, there is more to these vicious little bacteria than you might first expect, from causing a variety of embarrassing diseases to being touted as a miracle cure, and even providing names to no less than four heavy metal bands. Faz will tell you some of the weird stories associated with this bacteria, and hopefully, you too will see the funny side of the flesh-eating disease.

Faraz Alam (@DefectiveBrayne) studied the Flesh Eating Disease during his Ph.D, where he made it glow in the dark. While he has moved on to the world of scientific publishing and research integrity, he hasn’t been able to shake off his fascination with the disease and the bacterium that causes it.

Dragons and Warfare

Is there a link between draconic imagery and how weaponry has evolved? To answer that we’ll delve through language, the first firearms and journey across the world. Along the way, get ready to hear some of the dumbest ideas and stories in human history.

Kai Lawrence is a geek in nerd’s clothing. Usually he’s working towards his Bachelor’s in Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial College London. His accumulated knowledge on dragons, experimental genetics and weaponry is definitely NOT part of his 24 year plan for world domination.

All proceeds from Nerd Nite London go to charity. This year we are partnering with the Shine Trust to help foster a new generation of nerds. More information about Nerd Nite London can be found by following us on Twitter @nerdnitelondon, liking us on Facebook or visiting For more information about the Shine Trust visit