Unfortunately due to everything that’s going on we’ve decided to cancel the March event at Backyard Bar. We are sorry for the disappointment, but it’s not all over; we’re hard at work with our speakers figuring out how to run the event as a livestream. We’ll have the same talks, questions and a chance to chat with fellow nerds and we’d love for you to join us. Our goal is to recreate the spirit of Nerd Nite – i.e learning and drinking – but online. We’ll be in touch soon with more details. We might be asking you to wear thematically appropriate hats, design a cocktail to drink during the talks or we might run a dry t-shirt competition. Online participation – as with in person interaction – will be entirely voluntary.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or our mailing list for details on this and future events: We’ll let you know about April’s event in the coming weeks.

See you online, and keep washing your hands!

The Nerd Nite London team