Nerd Nite London is a monthly event where three speakers give 18-21 minute fun-yet-informative talks across all disciplines, while the audience drinks along. 

In March we’ll be finding out about about boundary markers, pub segregation and learning through movement. Be there and be square.

Address: The Backyard Comedy Club, 231 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 0EL / also online

Details: Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Doors open at 7PM, event starts at 7.30PM.
The online stream will go live at 7:15PM, with the speakers starting at 7.30PM and will be available for around 24 hours.
Tickets available here

Beating the Bounds – Discovering parish boundary markers in London

Before the year 1900 and before borough councils were in charge of your local government, the area we know as London today was governed by a patchwork of civil parishes and liberties all with their own funny laws and rules – most of them dating back several centuries. Boundary markers denoted where they met, and a number of them have survived to this day. In my talk you’ll learn more about them including a brief history of local government in London. And there’ll be maps. Afterwards you’ll look at buildings and streets differently!

Having grown up near the Iron Curtain in Germany, Tom Hilverkus has always been fascinated with boundaries. He has been researching the boundaries and wider history of local government areas in Inner London since 2010 and has recently started sharing his findings on Twitter at @ldn_boundaries. He’s also an avid record collector and musician so when he’s not searching for boundary markers you’ll probably find him in a record shop tracking down some obscure records.

Sensorimotor intentionality. Another set of almost unpronounceable words from Kay Scorah.

In the beginning, pre-birth and in our early years, all learning begins with the senses and with movement. We learn emotion from our movement and from how the physical world responds to that movement. If we are looking for a radical re-framing of ourselves at any stage in our life, for a new way of being and seeing, for pathways to take that didn’t seem open to us before, perhaps being more baby and re-visiting this sensorimotor way of interacting with the world can serve us. Let’s see….

Once a biophysicist at the Max Planck Institut in Frankfurt, Kay drifted into advertising before any of you were born and then into leadership training, stand up comedy and yoga wine drinking. Previous Nerdnite talks include: Ebola vs the post-menopausal woman, Immunosenescence and Dance Like an Electron.

The Segregated Pub – A History of Class and Gender-based Drinking

Ever wondered why pubs have 5 doors but often only one of them is in use? Unlike pubs today, which provide a single drinking space, the interior of the traditional pub reflected a strict social hierarchy and was subdivided into partitioned drinking areas based on social class and gender. This talk will provide a glimpse into the social history and architecture of the long-gone partitioned pub, with its clearly marked entrances to a Public Bar, Private Bar, Saloon Bar and Off-Sales areas.

Amir is a Stoke Newington history enthusiast, whose curiosity often leads him to research various topics some people may find extremely niche yet fascinating. His two previous Nerd Nite talks were about the beauty of decorative Victorian coal chute covers, and trend analysis of the commercial occupants of 116 shops in one street in Stoke Newington since the 1840s.

All proceeds from Nerd Nite London go to charity. this year we are partnering with The Shine Trust to help foster a new generation of nerds.

More information about Nerd Nite London can be found by following us on Twitter @NerdNiteLondon