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Nerd #1 Dr Antonio Sennis

Puffing the White Smoke: A Rough Guide To Becoming No. 1 at St. Peter’s

If you ever wondered what it takes to become Pope, then this talk is for you. Dwelling on his unrivalled knowledge of historical precedents, curial manoeuvres and priestly gossip, Dr Antonio Sennis, who teaches medieval history at UCL, will guide you through the long and perilous road that 265 men (and perhaps one woman) had to navigate to become the sovereign of Vatican City.

Nerd #2 Steve White

Now that is one big pile of shit: Jurassic Park and Dinosaurs

It’s 20 years since Steven Spielberg brought dinosaurs to life in Jurassic Park, and they’re about to come back in 3D. However, Steve White isn’t happy with the way the made the dinosaurs, especially the Rators or in his words ‘limp-wristed, bunny handed-plucked chickens’.

Steve White gave up a burgeoning career in genetics to go and work for Marvel UK, beginning his career as colourist on Care Bears and moving onto Transformers, Thundercats and The Real Ghostbusters. He is currently senior editor at Titan Comics working on, amongst other things, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He is also an artist specialising in Natural History and paleoart, and has written a number of non-fiction children’s book.

Nerd #3: Rachael Reynold

Digital Transformations: How do you read a video game?

Can you imagine entering a classroom and being handed a joystick? Might sound strange but academics are beginning to examine the potential of video games in teaching. Rachael Reynold was part of a study which found how some (not all!) video games can help and encourage students to learn. Rachael is a freelance writer and media producer. She is also a gaming fanatic who believes that video games are an under appreciated art form. She loves the entire process of a video game, from concept to creation to critical analysis.

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