Nerd Nite London is back for its fifth event, on November 20 at the Paper Dress Vintage.  Learn about the misuse of science in drug policy, the technology of skynet, and why australia is called australia.  Come, drink, learn.

Nerd #1: Steve Rolles ‘drugs – the messy intersection of politics and science in policy making’
Most people agree that the best type of policy making is evidence-based, but politicians seem reluctant to let the scientific facts speak for themselves. This presentation will give examples of some of the more egregious abuses of science in drug policy, and explain why science is such a poor friend to politicians when it comes to the war on drugs.

Bio: Steve is Senior Policy Analyst at Transform, the UK’s centre of expertise on drug policy. A proud father of two (he’ll show you photos if you ask), Steve has been trying to bring science and common sense to drug policy since before Meow Meow was a thing.

Nerd #2: Leila Johnston ‘The Technology of Terminator’
Predestination paradoxes, lock-picking, and really, Sarah, Kyle Reese? This whistle-stop tour around some of the weirder stuff in James Cameron’s naked time travelling sex films will ask some of the pressing questions, including who invented Skynet, how can someone as cool as Sarah Connor possibly have produced such an awful son, and what does the gibberish on the T-800’s heads-up display really say?

Bio: Leila is a writer, maker and broadcaster based in Sheffield. She is the founder of a new magazine and event series called Hack Circus, and co-creator of the popular geek comedy podcast Shift Run Stop. Her collection of photographs of IBM cash registers was featured in the national press in 2012 to endless mirthless punning. She writes about hacking for WIRED UK and dreams of one day being as amazing as Sarah Connor. @finalbullet

Nerd #3: Dan Walker-Smith ‘Why Australia is called Australia’
From Nike trainers to Trident Gum, Dan Walker Smith traces the contemporary world around us back to ancient myths. And in the sometimes tradition of nerd nite presenters keeping to topic, he will explain why Australia is called Australia.

Bio: Stand up, radio presenter, general man for all seasons. By day, Dan is a copywriter and journalist from London. He likes myths and folklore, travel and snowboarding.

All profits from the night will go to Movember, a charity which raises awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. You can find Nerd Nite London on Facebook at or on Twitter @nerdnitelondon.  Tickets available at